Bi-LED Projectors 3“ 54W 65W (2pcs)


These Bi LED Projectors are more powerful than most new car projector lights. The beam of light is directed only where it is really needed.



Bi LED Projector lens


Maximum illumination – These Bi LED projector lens are with very good illumination power ensure you a safe and stress-free driving. They are more powerful than most new car LED Projector lights.

Safety – In the dipped beam function, the light is limited to a precise cut line, so it does not dazzle other oncoming traffic and therefore ensures a safe journey for you.

High beam function – The light is focused further to where it is really needed. The light is aimed at the road, not the air.



Low beam power: 54W

High beam power: 65W

Input voltage: 9 – 20V

Lighting intensity: low beam 900 lux @ 10m, high beam 1300 lux @ 10m

Light color: 6000K (white)

Magnifying glass diameter: 3″ (76mm)

With CanBus support (module inside the projector)

Light pattern: left-hand drive

Certificates: CE and RoHS

Housing material: Aluminum

LED cell type: CSP

Magnifier material: glass

Operating temperature: -45℃ … + 110℃

Warranty: 2 years



2x Bi LED projectors 3″ 65W

Retail box


NB! The product does not have an E-certificate and is only intended for use outside public roads.


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