D2S Xenon Bulbs 4300K 35W (2pcs)


High quality xenon bulbs with D2S base type. These bulbs illuminate with bright OEM tone – warm white (4300K).



Xenon D2S 35W bulbs 4300K (2pcs)

Socket type: D2S, P32d-2

Power: 35W

Lighting tone: 4300K (warm white / OEM tone)

Luminous intensity: 3200 lumens

Lifespan: at least 3000 hours

Certificate: E4 (100% road legal)

Glass part is made of very durable quartz glass.

These D2S xenon bulbs meet the requirements of the OEM standard

4300K tone bulbs are used as OEM standard tone. The advantage of this shade is a slightly higher illuminance in wet weather conditions.

The set includes 2 bulbs and a box

Warranty: 1 year


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