D3S Xenon Bulbs 6000K 35W (2pcs)


High quality D3S xenon bulbs illuminate the road with an exclusive white, slightly bluish hue (6000K).



D3S Xenon Bulbs 6000K

Socket: D3S, PK32d-5

Power: 35W

Lighting tone: 6000K (white, slightly bluish tone / cool white)

Luminous intensity: 3200 lumens

Lifespan: over 3000h

Starting voltage: 23kV

Operating voltage: 42V

Bulbs are made of quartz glass which stops the spread of UV radiation.

Exceptional road illumination

These bulbs are very reliable and highly resistant to high temperatures and shocks.

Certification: E4 (100% road legal)

The set includes 2 bulbs and a box

Warranty: 1 year


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