LED Bar Extra High Beam 84W 8400lm E9 + DRL


LED auxiliary light bar with daytime running light function. A powerful, street-legal, high-quality auxiliary light bar ensures maximum light intensity.



LED Bar DRL Extra High Beam 84W 8400lm E9

Power: 84W

Operating voltage: 12V/24V (10-30V)

Light temperature: 6000K

12 powerful 7W LED elements

Fixing clips: 2 bottom and 2 side

Aluminum alloy body

Strong polycarbonate glass

Stainless steel clamps

Waterproof DT connector

Street legal

Certificates: E9, R112, R7, R10

REF 37.5

Waterproof level: IP67

Dimensions: 510 x 44 x 73.2mm

Weight: 2.0 kg


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