T20 W21W 7440 LED Bulbs CanBus 6500K 2pcs


Ultra bright and energy saving. With built-it CanBus controller. Same size as halogen bulbs.



T20 LED Bulbs W21W 7440 CanBus 6500K 2pcs

With built-in CanBus controllers

Socket: T20 / W21W / 7440

Polarity free (can be connected both ways)

Amperage: 0,09A

Voltage: DC9-14V

Lumen: 1200LM/Bulb (White)

LED Type: 18Pcs 4014 SMD + 5 Pcs 3030 SMD

Color: White 6500k

Waterproof level: IP65

Warranty: 1 year

Package: 2Pcs LED Bulbs


These T20 LED bulbs can be for daytime running lights, turn signal, backup reverse lights, tail bulbs, brake lights etc.

High power 4014+3030 LED chips, which will provide a perfect beam pattern, high light output, low power consumption.

European and newest vehicle equipped with CAN-BUS system may require load resistors to bypass the error codes/flicker issue.


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