Bi-LED Projectors Mini H7 H4 36W/45W 6000K (2pcs)


High-quality 3-inch BI-LED projectors (low beam and high beam). The beam of light is wide and bright, the precise cutting line ensures ideal low beam function. For high beam, the far-reaching and focused spotlight maximizes visibility in dark conditions.



Bi LED Projectors Mini H7 H4 36W/45W 6000K (2pcs)


High brightness and good visibility – Projector lens illuminate brighter than xenon, led and halogen bulbs. Thanks to the correctly directed light beam, the light is not lost in the wrong places where it is not needed. The light is focused and directed where it is really needed.

Ideal light pattern and safety – The straight cut line of the low beams (the same as in new premium cars) eliminates the glare of oncoming traffic and reduces dangerous situations. A uniform focused beam is aimed at the road.

High beam – good visibility is ensured by a very good focal length and a far-reaching brighter focal point.

Perfect for H7 and H4 reflector headlights



Power: 36W low beam, 45W high beam

LED cell type: CSP

With Can-Bus support (modules are inside the projector)

Lighting intensity:

  • low beam 950 lux @ 10m,
  • high beam 1000 lux @ 10m

Working voltage: 9 – 20V

Light color: 6000K (white)

Magnifying lens diameter: 3″ (76mm)

Compatibility: H4, H7, HB4 reflector headlights. Also compatible with a projector type headlight.

Light pattern: left-hand drive

Lifespan: 30,000 hours

Working temperature: -45℃ … + 110℃

Housing material: Aluminum

Magnifier lens material: glass

Cooling: air cooling – radiator with a fast and quiet fan

Certificates: CE and RoHS

Warranty: 2 years



These Bi LED projectors do not need to be modified to fit into the headlight – universal mounts in the projector and included adapters for mounting make installation easy. The projectors are installed in the reflector, instead of the H4, H7, HB4 halogen lamp.

They are installed in the closed headlight housing on elements that allow you to adjust the level of the light-shadow border.

Consult an installation specialist before purchasing.



2x Bi LED projectors

2x H4 adapters, H7 adapters, HB4 adapters

2x universal rubber seals and fasteners




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